parallax background

Economic Statecraft

Items to be addressed

We should work on the following items

Understanding the Current Situation

Strategy Planning

Strategy Informatics

Items to be addressed

1 _

What kind of cutting-edge technology (sensitive technology) it out there and who own it?

2 _

Who is the de facto ruler of the company?

3 _

Safety and soundness of the supply chain

Extremely large and complex network

Example of shareholder control network

Example of shareholder control network

High-tech solutions are essential for the analysis of huge and complex networks

parallax background

Economic Statecraft


In-house developed our 3rd AI

Loca (filter) a huge amount of information, Locate (find) + Cross (cross)

The AI analyzes the distribution channels and the degree of influence propagation in a vast and complex network, and discovers choke points and hidden intentions.

Seizu Analysis

The Intelligence Platform

that uses our 3rd AI

Seizu Analysis Solutions

  • Supply chain analysis

  • Shareholder dominance network analysis

  • Cutting-edge technology and key personnel Network analysis

Data used for analysis:
  • Annual Securities Report
  • Press Releases/News Releases

Number of companies to be analyzed:
  • Approximately 300 million companies
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